30+ Alluring Meaningful Tattoo Symbols (September 2019)

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The tattoo has a strong power to express different meaning with different unique tattoo ideas. After all, a tattoo is one type of commitment for lifelong, so you must choose meaningful tattoo symbols which can express your personality.

Do you think to customize parts of your body with symbols with deep meanings? If so you can take a view at our list of meaningful tattoo ideas. So let’s take a look.

meaningful tattoo symbols

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Meaningful Tattoo Symbols

Everyone looking for a meaningful tattoo, that can express their inner words or emotions. So before choosing any tattoo designs you must know the appropriate meaning of your tattoo.

In these articles, we try our best to collect meaningful tattoos for guys and small meaningful tattoos for females as much as possible. Choose your tattoo with meanings from following tattoo meanings list.

Dot Tattoo

It is one of the popular meaningful tattoos. Usually, dot tattoo just looks like a natural mark on the skin. You can easily symbolize different aspects of your life with the pattern or number of the dots.

meaningful tattoo symbols

Wave Tattoo

It is a simple gorgeous tattoo. Actually, this tattoo expresses the connection with peaceful water.

meaningful tattoo symbols

Alchemy Symbols

You can try Alchemy Symbol tattoos to express connection to the earthly elements.

Outline of a State or Country

It is one of the unique tattoo ideas. You can ink your country map or state outline. It will help to specify your identity if you live or study abroad. You can also ink this tattoo to remember your birthplace.

meaningful tattoo symbols

Basic Sun

The symbol of the sun can express various things from creation to happiness.

meaningful tattoo symbols


This star tattoo represents hope, spirit, truth and sometimes religions too. Usually, people love to have a star tattoo, because they are gorgeous and they have all the traits that we wish to have.

meaningful tattoo symbols

Phases of the Moon

Phases represent how life frequently change on the other hand moon represent life. This tattoo will remind you of the changing circle of life.

Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo stands for metamorphosis, beauty, change, and rebirth. In the culture of Japanese, it is believed that the butterfly represents the soul of a dead person.


meaningful tattoo symbols

The origin of this symbol is in Sweden. This symbol looks like a symbol of infinity with arrows in the middle, which represent that you need to experience setbacks to move ahead.

meaningful tattoo symbols

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In Greek, it is an elemental symbol. It is a very tiny powerful tattoo. This tattoo will remind you to not stop exploring yourself in the journey of your life.

Thread and Needle

meaningful tattoo symbols

It is just a simple elegant tattoo design. If you are a fashion lover you can try this one.

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Dragon tattoo represents hope, wonder, strength, creativity, purity, and grace. This tattoo also has negative meaning it also stands for the desire to be immortal and jealousy.

meaningful tattoo symbols

Take a look at other unique meaningful tattoo symbols


Paw Print Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo

Music Note Tattoo

Heart Tattoo

Skull Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo

Yin Yang Tattoo

Cross Tattoo

Realism Tattoo

Praying Hands Tattoo



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