15+ Impressive Dragon Tattoo Meaning (Ultimate Guide for 2020)

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Are you looking for the dragon tattoo meaning? Basically, the worldwide Dragon Tattoo is one of the popular tattoo designs for several cultures. Actually, from Middle Eastern and European folklore to Asian Dragon Tattoo Designs are one of the popular choices for people who love to have a tattoo on their bodies.

dragon tattoo meaning

Usually, the word Dragon comes from a Greek word. Actually dragon tattoo meaning depends on certain aspects and also on varies subjects. Continue your reading to learn the details.

Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Basically, different dragon image has a different meaning. And most importantly the dragon tattoo meaning actually depends on those elements which are incorporated into each design.

dragon tattoo meaning

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Dragon is usually live in water, so it usually symbolizes the mediation and sub-conscious. It also represents the symbol of strength, masculinity, power and the primal forces of the Universe and nature.

Actually dragon tattoo has different virtues and characteristics which include all of the following meaning

  • Wisdom
  • Longevity
  • Power and Strength
  • Mediation, Sub-conscious and Tranquility
  • Sign of Spirituality
  • Destruction and Creation
  • Control of natural elements like earth, water, fire, air, etc.
  • Sign of Masculinity
  • Sign of Prosperity
  • Sexual and Desire passion.

In the European folklore, people have seen the dragon as an evil creature that basically had to be slain by a noble knight.

And in the culture of Asian Dragons are intricately woven.



What makes the Dragon Tattoo Designs so Popular and Relevant?

Actually the boldness look and its colors make this dragon tattoo designs so popular among people. You may find lots of designs and pictures that actually modified into a creative and personal drawing.

Usually, the oriental dragon doesn’t have any wings, on the other hand, the western dragon has a long neck and bat-like wings.

dragon tattoo meaning

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Tribal dragon designs basically combine with black and red colors. On the other hand, the Chinese dragon has a huge creature. And that resembles a snake. And you may like Chinese dragon with black color or with various shades of gray.

What with Dragon Tattoo Associated?

Most importantly dragon tattoo is associated with the notion of yin and yang. Because, according to different culture it has both good and bad meanings.

dragon tattoo meaning

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Chinese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

In the culture of the Chinese, the dragon basically represented a positive male principle or yang. They believed that it helps to bring rains in the dry season, fertile lands and protects waters. Basically who gets the Chinese dragon tattoo is supposed to be a strong and just person. Because they believed that dragon can be a protection from any evil thoughts, forces and also can guide a person for justice and power. Different color of Chinese dragon tattoo also have different meaning such as

  • Black Dragon – It is a sign of respect towards parents and elder people.
  • Red Dragon – It symbolizes children and family protection, passion and love.
  • Blue Dragon – It represents harmony and peace.
  • Golden Dragon – It is the symbol of soft-heartedness and wisdom.

dragon tattoo meaning


What does a Chinese Dragon Symbolize? 

Traditionally Chinese Dragons symbolize auspicious powers and potent, which particularly have control over rainfall, water, hurricane, and foods. Actually, in the Asian culture dragons are one of the most revered creatures. These designs also symbolize strength, wisdom, power, prosperity, longevity and good luck.

Size and Color of Dragon Tattoo

You can have Dragon tattoo designs with different shapes, sizes and colors. Samurai Dragon Tattoo will look better in large size on the other hand yin yang dragon tattoo May look attractive in middle or small size. You may get one color of dragon tattoo, but multi-color dragon tattoo is more gorgeous than one single color.

Dragon Tattoo Design Variations

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo 

Asian Dragon Tattoo

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dragon tattoo meaning

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dragon tattoo meaning

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dragon tattoo meaning

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dragon tattoo meaning

dragon tattoo meaning

dragon tattoo meaning

Final Word

In my final word, I like to say that dragon tattoos will allow you for customization and alternations a feature that makes them very famous. And before getting a dragon image you must know dragon tattoo meaning. You can easily make a dragon tattoo by altering their many features and you will also easily customize their color, shapes, size, body, and wings.

Hopefully, you can get benefited from this article. Through the comment section below you can also share your own opinion. And if you have any suggestion also feel free to share with us.

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