100+ Chinese Dragon Tattoo – Impressive Collection (Update 2020)

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Why don’t you try Chinese dragon tattoo for your next tattoo? Most importantly it has special interesting things to discuss. According to different cultures, it has various meanings. Here for you, we make an impressive collection for 2020. Continue your reading to get the unique tattoo designs of a Chinese dragon.


Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Absolutely, it is wondrous to hold the Chinese dragon tattoo. Chinese dragon represents the symbol of power, wisdom, and luck.

Basically, the Chinese dragon considers as non-mystical animals. It possesses the energy of ancient that may translate into the unconquerable spirit. Furthermore, its symbol represents prosperity. And obviously, it is a lucrative tattoo design. Nothing can compete with it.

Usually, it considers as an auspicious icon that could translate to amazing luck and masculine strength.

Red is the common and perfect colour for this tattoo. But you also can use your favourite multicolour. However, people thought that multicoloured are mentally arousing spectacles because it could bring out extreme esteem from the public.

Another important fact about this tattoo is that by choosing a dragon of a different era you can easily assess different specific meanings.


History of Chinese Dragon

Actually, since the beginning of the Chinese civilization Chinese dragon is one of the mythological animals. It is one of the popular symbols of Chinese people.

However, the dragon of Chinese is an animal that has a snake’s tail, deer’s horns, dog’s muzzle, lion’s mane, eagle’s claws, and lobster’s eyes. That why it is said that it brings several animals in all together.

This tattoo is extremely popular in the moment shows of all oriental tattoo culture. It also influences the tattoo ideas of western culture.


Facts about Dragon

This dragon is known as long and East Asian Dragon. They are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology, East Asian culture, and Chinese folklore. Some important facts of this dragon are given below

  • Don’t exist factually
  • It is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs
  • It is symbolic of being powerful, lucky, noble and propitious.
  • Dragon has a long body like a snake
  • They live in the bottom of the sea, lakes, rivers and anywhere in the water.


Chinese Dragon Tattoos Meaning

Basically, in the countries of Asia and East, the dragon represents the symbol of a creature which sympathetic to people.

People believe that a dragon has the power of the supernatural. It also commands the forces of nature for example – fire, air, water, and earth.

Due to this fact, people love to have this dragon tattoo to represent their inner positive and creative power. And the Chinese imperial family also like to have a golden dragon tattoo as their unique mark.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Unlike the western dragon, the Chinese dragon is wise and kind. It does not represent evil. Basically, it makes crops thrive not destroy them.

Dragon lives in water so do not spitfire. Without wings, it can fly with its magic. Which represent its independence.

Please read the following topic to know the meaning of the detail of this tattoo is discussed here.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Importance of Dragon in the Chinese Culture

One of the popular symbols of Chinese culture is a dragon. People like a dragon so much. Due to this popularity, dragon dance becomes a common part of the maximum Chinese festival.

Chinese people take the dragon as an imperial symbol.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Types of Dragon

Usually, in Japan and China, dragon tattoo represents the symbol of 4 elements like Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. At the same time, it also uses as the symbol for the underworld, the earth, the water, and the sky. As a result, a dragon of each element has its different characteristics. And which are neither good nor evil. Like fire or wind, earth or water, a dragon could be both kind and cruel.

Fire Dragon

However, people of Chinese culture believe that the dragon of fire breathing associated with lightning and rain. It also symbolized fertility.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Water Dragon

This dragon associated with the protection and guardian of the streams, lakes, and rivers. Usually, they are good swimmers and they are social animals. When they stay in pairs or a group they tend to thrive in captivity.


Earth Dragon

It appears quieter than other dragons. Because they have different hobbies. They are very aware of what going on around them. When they come up with a new idea they become extremely good leaders. They are also a very smart and good organizer. They always love to have a large circle of friends.

Wind Dragon

It is known as the independent dragon. It is believed that it controls the air of the earth.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Types of Chinese Dragon

To make your tattoo gorgeous with the different dragon you will find 9 types of the Chinese dragon, which are given below

  1. The Tianlong – It is known as the celestial dragon. They protect the celestial palace and carry it.
  2. Shenlong – It is a spiritual dragon. Who control rainfall, wind and clouds. The colour of this dragon is blue.

  1. Fucanglong it is a dragon of hidden treasures, who live in strange mineral and underground protecting precious stones.
  2. Dilong – It is a dragon of underworlds of earth. Usually, it runs streams and river.
  3. Yinglong – This is a winged dragon
  4. Jiaolong – It is known as the snake dragon, mother dragon and an aquatic dragon and it is the most primitive type.
  5. Panlong – This is a coiled dragon that controls time.
  6. Huanglong – The colour of this dragon is yellow. It controls the time and season.
  7. Long Wang – It is the king of the dragon. They live in glass places under the sea. They also can manipulate the weather for rain.

What is the Chinese Dragon Called?

Most importantly the Chinese dragon is a creature in Chinese mythology and they also called Oriental Dragon.


Placement Idea for Chinese Dragon

Before getting a tattoo you must choose a place for tattooing your dragon tattoo. For dragon tattoo largest area of your body will be the best options for you, such as Hip, back, chest, sleeve, shoulder blade, forearm, and arm. Where this tattoo will look attractive.

Some parts of your body should avoid, for example, leg, because in a leg it becomes quite difficult to express the magnificence of the mythic creature.

By depending on your area, you can select any size or style of your tattoo.

Chinese dragon tattoo

What is the difference between Chinese and Japanese Dragon Tattoo?

Among Chinese and Japanese Dragon Tattoo, there are few differences. In Chinese culture dragon always portrays as benevolent on the other hand in Japan sometime dragon feature as evil monsters.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Dragon Tattoo for Men

Usually, men like dragon tattoo to express their rebelliousness and dominance. For the character of men, aggressive fire-breathing dragons are very suitable.



Chinese dragon tattoo



Chinese dragon tattoo

Chinese dragon tattoo

Chinese dragon tattoo

Dragon Tattoo for Women

Women like dragon tattoo to express their bravery and independence. They also use some additional elements that demonstrate antipathy or love, family values and owner’s personal qualities. They also like fairy tattoo designs and a small Chinese dragon tattoo. Take a view on all of the dragon tattoo designs female.



Chinese dragon tattoo
Why don’t you try Chinese dragon tattoo for your next tattoo? Most importantly it has special interesting things to discuss. According to different cultures, it has various meanings. Here for you, we make an impressive collection for 2020. Continue your reading to get the unique tattoo designs of a Chinese dragon.

Final Words

Hopefully, from our article, you can find your dream tattoo designs of the Chinese dragon tattoo. If you like a dragon, it will be a good choice to have this as your tattoo designs. You can also mix-up your dragon tattoo with some of your favourite tattoo designs.

Please share your opinion in the comment section below. And if you have any suggestion also feel free to share with us.

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